1. “So you multiply by eight, carry the one…wow…I guess I did mess up my taxes.”

  2. That’ll be $5 dollars.

  3. it had to be said

    But that make up looks good on you, Nick.

  4. “No, I will not sign it Green Lantern. It’s just a ring, now get out of my way. I have to save The Declaration of INDEPENDANCE!”

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    No, I will not do a roundhouse kick.

  6. bigalkie

    Hey Squiggy, can I have your autograph?

  7. professorstamps

    nice ring, dickhead.

  8. jeffiner

    someone get this man some lip gloss!!!

  9. “How did you get my—I mean, no, that is not me during the Civil War.”

  10. “Nicolas Cage signing autographs in London”…

    ’cause nobody gives two shits about him over here.

  11. Move: Parenting and Investment Failure Knockout Combo

  12. he should just give back that Oscar. if he hasn’t sold it by now

  13. High Ass Fuck

    If you’re wondering how many drugs Nick Cage takes on a daily basis the answer is a shit load.

  14. Contusion

    it must be hard to dye that fuzzy stuff on top without leaving a big brown stain on your forehead.

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