1. When will she just fuck off and die?!?!?!

  2. BP

    Meowwww! Cat Woman!

  3. cc

    Pony tails make me think of really dirty things.

  4. Still want. And it looks like I have a shot now, since absolutely nobody behind the barrier seems to care about her anymore.

  5. The entire red carpet viewing audience appears to be saying “when will the famous people arrive?”

  6. Juaquin ingles

    Obviously they can’t see her cause she’s standing sideways. Can’t fool the camera though. Haven’t you seen Ghost Hunters?

  7. Blech

    Like J-Lo minus the Spanx.

  8. spartacus

    So she’s still gorgeous and ignored, whilst the shame ravaged Lindsay and Kim K famewhores are adored. Odd world.

  9. SIN

    Still fucking hot.

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