1. Dude of Dudes

    All those little tissues will come in handy. Most guys wont give you anything to wipe your face off with afterwards.

  2. it had to be said

    I’d do her.

  3. Uhmmm isn’t this the former 16 year old prostitute that got all those soccer players in trouble? No body is paying attention, are they?

  4. Those are some highly trained moths.

  5. Deacon Jones


  6. I would like to expand my previously proposed boob law to now address the entire female body.

  7. Obama Srsly

    If this is “her week” the people that are making “weeks” are doing a shitty fucking job.

  8. arnieblackblack

    Hubba hubba woowa woooo! Lubba dem titays – yesiree

  9. tlmck

    She should stick to modeling.

  10. cc

    If those are real, they are spectacular.

    • gumption

      sorry to break your heart but they are fake. So is her blond hair, extensions and a few other tweaks. The Arab world is cringing, just as we do about Courtney Stodden, that this sad creature wants to launch a “career” out of prostitution. Bizarro world we live in…

  11. Adja999

    She’s…. just recently a designer… She was a high end call girl for sportsmen in France and had quite a scandalous episode… because she’s only 19 right now. Making her 15 when she, um, worked with the French soccer team.

  12. Big deal. I used to make those little ghostie-things in grade school for Hallowe’en.

  13. Great, now I’m horny for finger football.

  14. I get the feeling she woke up the morning after a Frat party, naked and dried jizz Kleenex’s stuck all over her and thought “I have an idea for a dress”.

  15. Anna

    she is Moroccan

  16. Soviet Snow

    What’s the big deal with the nipple anyway? It’s not like I can go around with the part of my cock shaft showing.

  17. Zahia’s new Lingerie Line must not be TOO expensive!

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