1. Frank Burns

    Hey fashionistas, ass fat denim is the new black! And sister, I know about black!

  2. Stewie Griffin

    Do they come with backup sensors?

  3. JC

    Ass-stuffing made of toilet paper and shame sold separately.

  4. it had to be said

    Look, even the ass guys have to admit, she needs to stay in skirts. Pants on her look like a shitty diaper on a toddler.

    • I will admit it. As an assologist, I know a fine ass when I see one and that is not a fine ass. Not even a subspecies.

      • JesusCan'tHitACurveball

        You’re both wrong, but this photo still sucks. And that’s because of the horrible photoshopping job. The top of her right thigh was pushed in about 3inches.

      • As improbable as it seems, her glute/thigh contour is shaped like a number 9.
        Shortness and disproportionately scrawny thighs are part of the reason.

  5. What I want to know is, how they hell did she enlist NASA to design that fabric? Oh right… Obama.. black microphone… Never mind.

  6. Because everybody buys fashion jeans the same place they buy socket wrenches and lawnmowers.

  7. They actually had to develop a new version of Photoshop after this…

  8. Meg

    that is the most photoshopped image-ever

  9. BP

    Lady, please take the watermelon outta your pants!

  10. Star Droppings

    What are the rest of us supposed to keep in that compartment? Be right back, I just thought of a new way to get Mexicans across the border.

  11. They call it the Kim Jean but I bet it smells more like Kimchi.

  12. rospo

    almost thought she was gone forever. Haven’t seen her around for about… wait.. 3 min ?

  13. bigalkie

    She’s disgusting.. I saw her in person. A short fat pig with a shitload of makeup. Really Ugly. What’s the matter with this world?

    • BE

      Took me a while to finally figure out the key to Kardashian success.

      Men like her because of the sex tape. Free twisted porn.

      Women like her because she’s got the continent of Australia below the belt line.

      So, of course, her clothing line make the average girl feel tiny.

      Think of it as the somewhat less classy version of stores marking their large clothing sizes smaller so shoppers feel good about themselves and buy more.

      All the free publicity from the fact that the Kardashian women act worse than a female cats in heat is just a bonus..

  14. Great, now Kenmore is making jeans.

  15. Adam

    This photo has to be doctored. That ass can only fit into horizontal photographs.

  16. spacedust

    Does this bitch actually have three butt cheeks? Her ass is triangular.

  17. cc

    So, she put her ass in a bushel basket and then put her pants on?

  18. a short haired girl

    bad photoshop + kim kardashian = polishing a turd with another turd.

  19. “The Kim Jean” – crafted with pride in Sweatshops and Photoshop.
    Moslty Photoshop.

  20. This is the cover of “The Sears Corporate Manual, Volume 8: So You’re Going Out Of Business”.

  21. towel


  22. Ray J. Humphries

    New Kim Denim with Urine Protection. It just beads right off.

  23. Great White

    Hit the treadmill Kim!

  24. Kim Kardashian, modeling the new Photoshop filter “unrealistically thin thighs in one click”


  26. They sell them next to the Craftsman tool sets.

  27. spartacus

    I can still smell weee-weee

  28. CK

    What, not trashy enough for her own ’boutique’ store? Or too trashy?

  29. She’s like that Borg Queen in Star Trek. Her head and rack float around the house and when she needs to go out, she just lands on top of a body, clamps in, and assimilates neanderthals and hydro-recharges with a special golden fluid rich in electrolytes.

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