1. EricLR

    Hey look, I’m shaking hands with Rocky!

  2. fark

    Haha you were right, his skin does feel like a purse!


  4. Animal

    “You also pork da help? Lemme shake your haaaand.”

  5. CrashHell

    Fail. “Look eye, Daniel Son, Always Look Eye!”

  6. They are seriously doing international press junkets for this movie? A movie that should be straight to DVD.

    • You’re kidding, right? The foreign market is what makes Schwarzenegger movies profitable, no matter how hard they suck in America. Terminator 3 did nearly double the business overseas ($283 million) than it did here ($150 million). Remember End of Days?—$67 million domestic, $145 million foreign. Yeah, I know these are both a decade old, but there was that whole Governor thing. This is his first starring role since then, unless you count ensemble work like The Expendables movies—which, yes, also outperformed overseas. (The Expendables 2 made 2.5 times outside the U.S. than it did here.)

      • He had little to nothing to do with the success of The Expendables or the making of the movie. Shit he was in the first one for like 2 mins max. You also can’t compare this movie to a franchise like Terminator.

        I love Arnold, but this movie is a pile of crap and should be straight to DVD.

  7. Vlad

    That awkward moment when the bones in your hand shatters but you don’t want to look like a pussy in front of Arnold, so you smile through the pain and continue shaking with what little strength you have before passing out.

  8. “HA ha!! I’m finally shaking hands with my real father!! You’re right Mom, I no longer feel like eating my feelings anymore!”

  9. “HA HA!! I’m finally shaking hands with my real father! And you’re right Mom, I don’t feel like eating my feelings any more!!”

    • Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhh! Lousy double post. The first one didn’t show that it had posted, now this. Blergh. This site was so much better to access before they made all the “Improvements”.

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