1. EricLR

    I’ll just smile and nod, and no one will know I slept in a bus station bathroom last night.

  2. Wow. He used to be so cute, too. I think a part of me just died.

    • I would sacrifice someone to look this good at 52. Hell, I’m 10 years younger and I would sacrifice someone to look like this now.

      • Tom, if this is true, you really need to leave the internets. Seriously. I can practically smell the hobo piss on this guy through my screen.

      • looks aren’t everything – at least you have your keen sense of fashion sense and sparkling wit.

      • Jesus, TomFrank, that “someone” better be your seeing eye dog, because 52 generally looks a fuck of a lot better than this. If you ready do look worse than this at 42, then I’d say maybe it’s time to lay off the eight-balls, Hep C positive hookers and the 5-times-a-day runs to McDonalds.

  3. Toe Jam

    On Golden Pond?…more like, on Golden Girls.

  4. At what point did Timothy Hutton become Kevin Kline?

  5. yeah, he looks okay.

  6. He looks soooo much better since he…since he…fuck, he looks terrible!

  7. Fresh off a bender…

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