1. EricLR

    Russell Brand really needs to follow through with that paternity test.

  2. Nonny Moose

    Zombie invasion 2013. And so it begins…

  3. Cock Dr

    I see dead people.

  4. Apply all Paz de la Huerta jokes here as well.

  5. contusion

    The opposite of what I said about Paz.

  6. Nice Jizz pants, douche…

  7. Vlad


  8. “Heeeyyyyy! I’m homeless!”

  9. hijkmno

    Jesus, does he have Hep-C?

  10. “Go away and stop asking me for meth!”

  11. Dude looks like…an idiot.

  12. death by accessories.

  13. Russell Brand’s fashion consultant.

  14. early dementia guys…. give him a break.

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