1. Nice try, Rumer, but I won’t be falling for it this time.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Even Nazis are saying, “This bitch is too white”.

  3. henry hill

    the ghost of stripper’s past.

  4. Slick

    I can’t help but wonder what shes wearing under that dress?!?

  5. Nice makeup contrast. Guess her face just wasn’t white enough for her taste.

  6. She looks like the death angel from American Horror Story II

  7. Ahhhh, Ms. VonTeese, I genuflect while kissing your cleavage.

  8. She is fucking perfect. She may be whiter than a fucking ghost, but I’ll put some black in her.

  9. Does she have a lot of makeup on her face…or does she have a lot of face on her makeup?

  10. Spartacus

    That’s no Moon….

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