1. Just don’t show her from behind… that shit is tore up from the floor up.

  2. EricLR

    PETA would throw blood on her, but even they don’t have the heart.

  3. The Walking Dead Career

  4. Return of The Penis Confuser!

  5. lol, she’s actually looking better

  6. contusion

    I always wonder how someone like her pays the bills each month.


      *slurp, slurp*

    • She has a successful(?) clothing store in London, and her own line of handbags…am I still here? Okay, good. (Usually, just typing in “handbags” upsets the spam filter. “They’re trying to sell something!!”)

      Anyhoo, she also made some nice coin on The O.C., and guess what? Not every celebrity spends every dollar she makes when they’re makin’ it, nor do they keep living million-dollar lifestyles after they’ve stopped makin’ it. Her bills may amount to more than yours, but probably not by as much you’d think, and if she was wisely counseled to invest some of her TV money back in the day, she could conceivably be earning a decent enough return to pay most if not all of those bills.

  7. elephantman


  8. This gal is a potential knockout, but somewhat like Leelee Sobieski, just can’t seem to get her shit together. Damn shame. They’re both borderline hot.

  9. She’s pretty today. I have no idea what the fuck she’ll look like tomorrow.

  10. Wheres my hat ?

    After that NYT article, probably more hireable than LL…

  11. Loves coke & cock…get in

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