1. No stereotypes here.. move along…

  2. EricLR

    Hey look, that dude from Reading Raninbow married an illiterate retard!

  3. It’s nice to see Carlton getting work.

  4. Animal

    First a black president!!! Now they’re taking all our women!!!!!

  5. (keep smiling….keep smiling, there’s cameras all over and he FUCKING knows it)

  6. Is he at the wax museum too?

  7. “This is how you suck out the brain through the temple. Watch carefully.”

  8. “I love you baby!”
    “…and I love your Fresh Prince residual checks…Dance for me Carlton!”
    “Alfonso…My name is Alphonso.”
    “Yeah…Nobody cares.”

  9. “Paw, better go git the shotgun. There’s a dusky-complected feller out there a-kissin’ on Ellie Mae ag’in!”

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