1. EricLR

    Looks like someone’s mother forgot to tell him not to put something in his mouth unless he knows where it’s been.

  2. That’s wax, right?

  3. Juch

    I guess if you are a giant douchebag like this guy, its suitable to wear tampons.

  4. Susan

    I thought it was Sam Ronson

  5. Cock Dr

    She told her plastic surgeon that she wanted to look like Brittany Spears…before she had kids and went crazy.

  6. Way more expression than the real thing. Not to mention beauty.

  7. ash

    jesus that got me! I was like Britney? Where did this come from? Oh please let it be!!

  8. Neal

    Even with people touching that wax statue all day I’d still think your less likely to get a disease licking that than the real thing

  9. What does a douche need tampons for?

  10. FINALLY! A man that treats Bertny with the respect she deserves!

  11. Do you get Soy Milk from fake tits? Even then it probably tastes crappy through a straw…

  12. I would bang this Britney, not the thing that is out there now. Well that is a lie, I would still bang the real Britney, but I wish she looked like this one again.

  13. This is inappropriate, period.

  14. Leave him alone. This is as close as he will ever get to being with a real woman.

  15. Alexxx

    Daggonit! I lost another majek vergina cotton ball stick. Can one o’ y’all reach in thurr an get it?

  16. I’m going to go ahead an assume that the padded walls aren’t just a decorating choice.

  17. took me five minutes to figure this out. but then I thought it was funny. (wax Britney right?)

  18. “Hey, Sgt. Pepper — and the blonde bimbo with you — put them cigars away. I told you before, there’s no smoking allowed here!”

  19. A sad reminder of what once was and never will be again.

  20. tlmck

    I wonder how much that costs?

  21. kateisgreat


  22. She looks like Kelly Garth from the original Beverley Hills 90215

  23. Orly

    I was just about to say she looks great in this photo! :(

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