1. Wasn’t she pregnant not so long ago?

  2. EricLR

    Still think meth is cool, kids?

  3. Animal

    I’m shocked at myself, but I’m finding her attractive here. Must be the tits.

  4. contusion

    Every time I click and a picture of her pops up, my first reaction is that it’s a guy dressed up as a woman. (I am wrong every time.)

  5. RAWZ

    I’m honestly just impressed that she’s still upright. Kudos, Paz.

  6. Alexxx

    That’s an expert level duckface.

  7. Who is this woman, the real Paz never wears clothes.

  8. I want to like her ‘tude. but she’s so ugly.

  9. All I gotta say is – I really hope this dude is saving his money.

  10. She looked really hot in the January/February issue of Playboy. I was very pleasantly surprised. Well, maybe AMAZED is more like it.

  11. She cleans up nicely.

  12. Does she have Downs syndrome or something? Nobody goes out in public stoned enough to look like that.

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