1. “Skarsgard can strike anywhere. Where will you be?”

  2. thorazine vacant stare

  3. Lord Helmet

    They said it was an advanced class. But Brooke was still puzzled why she had to bring a large bottle to her yoga class.

  4. meeps!

    Can we all assume SHE hired the photographer that took this…?

  5. Dox

    Where’s her cardboard sign?

  6. malaka

    she actually looks alright here aside from her tim duncanesque terrified by life itself expression.

  7. That’s a huge Fruit Roll-Up.

  8. Dave

    still would

  9. Wonder if her yoga mat is La-Z-Boy.

  10. I hope you paid extra for this photo. That paparazzo deserves goddamn hazard pay for being out in this cold.

  11. You notice she’s only in the Crap We Missed when Sean Penn is? If Photoboy manages to get them in there with Van Halen, the world will probably end.

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