1. Cock Dr

    I hate it when he cleans up all pretty.
    Wonder if he was back to being a sloppy hobo mess by the time he was arriving at Ms Perry’s house for the booty call.

  2. meeps!

    You raaang…

  3. UCLA Head & Neck Surgery Luminary Awards in Beverly Hills,,,SUCCESS….Attached a asshole to a head and it’s still alive.

  4. Loved this guy in Superbad. McLovin’ !!!
    Fucking classic

  5. That’s the face he makes when he realizes the guy, whose penis is up his ass, removed the condom and blew it in him.

  6. douche. that is all.

  7. Icelandic Les

    Douchebag Whiplash: Still looking for a cure.

  8. I like his music I’ve heard. I’ve only heard up to “Continuum”

  9. Doctors at UCLA are removing his neck and head?

    Well, it’s a start.

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