1. ThisWillHurt

    Did he bang a hooker in the restaurant?

  2. Bubba

    Uhm, shielded? No.

    Impromptu parachute game from gym class?


  3. He could just walk in normally.

  4. As the restaurant opens up , the employees cover the oldest antique the have.

  5. malaka

    please.. just no more meet the parents movies..

  6. “You guys! He’s still alive! Stop trying to cover up his corpse. He’s not dead. Yes, I thought so because of Grudge Match too. But he’s walking around. Let him be.”

  7. Robb7

    What photographers??!! Nobody knows who this guy is anymore!

  8. I feel like I should be making a Lufthansa heist joke out of this today, but nothing’s coming.

  9. I see Bob hired the same crackerjack crew that smuggled Bieber out of that Brazilian whorehouse.

  10. Do people really give a fuck about him that much that he has to do this? Considering he is doing every script thrown at him these days, have to say he is not exactly in high demand.

  11. Why do people become film actors if they hate being photographed?

  12. tito

    the guy who was ok with millions of people seeing him shit away his career in rocky and bullwinkle has a problem with people seeing him at a restaurant?

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