1. ThisWillHurt

    “Three women in their twenties want a picture with me? I’m never too old for this shit.”

  2. Danny, don’t even litter around those chicks.

  3. At some point, he stopped caring they all thought he was Morgan Freeman.

  4. yourmom

    “I’m getting too old for this shit…”

  5. Dox

    “Fuck Mel Gibson. I’ll show you three a lethal weapon.”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Where the white bitches at? No seriously, tell me because I can’t see anymore.

  7. malaka

    there comes a point in every old man’s life when he finally realizes that how annoying young girls are makes spending time around them entirely not worth the trouble no matter how attractive and slutty they are.

  8. It’s always exciting to see black people in Utah.

  9. Marty

    At least Sean Penn is watchin’ the kid today.

  10. They’re just amazed to see a black guy in Utah.

  11. Vic Damoan

    “We loved the Cosby show!”

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