1. Hugh G. Rection

    Ooof. Falcon Crest was a loooong time ago.

  2. evilstamos

    Nothing gets a chuckle from Camilla quite like a Princess Di commemorative beanie baby.

  3. oi limey

    trying to keep that bear away from ruddy-face…as told by her expression: the less he has to bait the children, the better

  4. fred

    “Oh, yes, you are right, dear. I would much rather hold this stuffed animal than that sick little baby there.”

  5. Look Charles – a teddy bear for Prince George. Not a bad swap.

  6. gigi

    just every facet of yuck… [except the bear]

  7. She’s from the Netherlands?

  8. tlmck

    That’s about what I’d expect their offspring to look like.

  9. “Go on, it’s full of hay just the way you like them”

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