1. “Alex, I’ll take ‘mediocre’ for one-hundred.”

  2. Bubba

    “Hey ladies, remember when I was in The Mummy? Sigh….yeah. No one does…”

  3. twin

    Want to see it – despite what the haughty “critics” say

  4. Bob

    He’s thinking what every guy thinks in that situation: “I’ve seen your vaginas on the internet!”

  5. cmonreally

    I remember George of the Jungle.

    This is so depressing.

  6. anonymous

    Wow getting old hit Rosario and Brendan pretty damn hard.

  7. malaka


  8. Vanessa is such a sexy little minx.

  9. thetruth

    Pasty skin. Blurry eyes. Bloated.

    Like your evening cocktails, huh Brendan? Starting at around… oh… 10am?

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