1. It’s a shame to see that Darkman still has to deal with his face falling off after an hour.

  2. Lord Helmet

    He was just bitch slapped by time.

  3. His face was sliding off.

  4. Bubba

    Damn. Katt Williams from two days ago got him. Wait..when did Sly start working at Target?

  5. meeps!

    He JUST realized he’s Sylvester Stallone…

  6. “Sly puts his face back into position for the rest of the premier.”

  7. what a terrible time for staples to pop out.

  8. malaka

    you mean to tell me that there’s a new frankenstein movie and they failed to book this guy??


  10. Someone told Sly that Bruce Willis wanted writing credit for all of the ‘The Expendables’ movies and he had a stroke.

  11. Not bad, but Kelsey Grammer still does a better Jack Benny impression.

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