1. H e was there bright and early. The crack of dawn I believe.

  2. Skipper for Mayor!

  3. guttboy

    As a Torontonian I can only weep for my city…..

  4. “Ha, ha, HA! Damn right! I’m just wasting EVERYBODY’S time here!”

  5. That’s a crack team right there.

  6. He’s taking a crack at another run?

  7. Get a Load of Dougie; Lets all vote for HIM!

  8. JimBB

    Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Diasaster.

  9. CrashHell


  10. joe

    Dude behind him: “Fucking white people.”

  11. Can’t some sponsor get these clown brothers into a cage match to the death? And then shoot the winner?

  12. “Before I was able to file my papers for re-election, they searched my crack…then they gave me a cavity search.”

  13. hey- anyone here seen my bag of blow?
    i left it right there on that table?


  14. Calhau

    I knew he has someone to do his stunts.

  15. Man, if Chris Farley had only lived a while longer, he could have been mayor of Toronto!

  16. Ha ha ha, you just know he is going to get reelected.

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