1. i swear to God on Hallowe’en I’m going to dress up in a plaid shirt, stupid glasses and hang out in front of a white wall and see where that gets me.

  2. Robb7

    So ladylike…

  3. alexxx3488

    Oh, really? Terry Richardson took that photo? You don’t say…I was way off base. Could’ve sworn that was the work of Susan Sontag…

  4. “ok now sweetie we’re going to do a few with your legs spread…here, drink some more Jesus Juice”

  5. I’d gladly get in there.

  6. I wonder if her father is in a state of shock…or just saying ‘been there, done that’?

  7. Looks pretty fucking good from here…

  8. Jenn

    Terry Richardson is the photorapist of the DListers…so nobody gives a fuck.

  9. From Taschen Books comes “CUNT”, the definitive book dedicated to your favorite receptacle. Available now for 250$.

  10. AnnaD.

    Somebody flicked the WhoreBot’s off switch.

  11. Vagina Monologues?

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