1. “Jesus Bill, do something about that intern breath!”

  2. “That chubby one right over there. Rock, paper, scissors.”

  3. Bill, if you’re going to put your hand there, at least take off the glove first.

  4. Looks like Hillary is morphing into Bill…and he’s giving her advice on cigars and interns.

  5. ” Bill you nasty bastard, what the hell did you eat a fat chick? “

  6. “You won’t believe all the asses I had to kiss to get these seats…Should I have brushed first?”

  7. “Hillary, there’s a little bit of white powder under your nose.”

  8. Look, I’m sorry about today, but he promised me that next year there’ll be no more horses…

  9. Jenn

    Bill, next time you have beans for lunch, sit downwind.

  10. You think I like it? Why do you think I stuff cigars in that thing? Now behave yourself or I’ll rape another intern.

  11. “I actually want to have sex with you!” Hillary, “BarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrF!”

  12. “I love you, baby.”

    “Eeeergh… bwah-hah-hah!”

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