1. cc

    I wonder what tenderized breasts feel like.

  2. tinklepants

    So hot. So stupid. Nothing new here except the fact that she could kick your ass up and down the street without breaking a sweat.

  3. Hand Solo

    good lord.

  4. Clown Shoes

    What is up with her voice? Sounds pretty deep on the Haywire trailer.

  5. The Pope

    “Yeah, 100 push-ups at a time…with no hands.”

  6. Stewie Griffin


  7. DeucePickle

    Just watched her on Conan O’Brien…..real hot, real sexy

  8. I think it might be fun to wrestle with her, naked and covered with Crisco.

  9. No Gina. When I wrestle, I don’t use the traditional 3 count. You’ll have to hold me down for at least a, oh never mind. it seems a three count works just fine.

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