1. boing

    jeebus should use those windshield wipers!

  2. Ruth

    Looks like he took a wrong turn into a Kim K sex tape.

  3. cc

    He just realized there’s a new child in the back seat.

  4. tinklepants

    That’s the face everyone makes after sneezing into the last of the cocaine.

  5. I think that’s his dandruff on the windshield.

  6. chupacabra

    I feel like he’s going to turn up dead soon… don’t know why, but I’m getting that vibe here… oh shit… there’s an olsen twin in the backseat!!!

  7. The first and list time he rides the Kim Kardashian simulator.

  8. The Brown Streak

    All he needs is a little Sonic the Hedgehog hanging from his rear view.

  9. “OnStar here, Mr. Pitt. No, we do not understand the coordinates tattooed on your wife.s back either.”

  10. “She’s bring kids out of that adoption agency like a clown car!”

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