1. farrellthib

    joan cusack approves

  2. tlmck

    Stephanie Seymour and boner boy have nothing on these two.

  3. Beer Baron

    You show up to fashion week wearing some ratty ass Target plaid shirt? What a dipshit.

  4. it’s not even Target, it’s Eskimo Joe’s, a restaurant/clothing store in Stillwater Oklahoma. It’s like wearing a Hard Rock Cafe shirt

  5. mrsbloodyface

    I don’t know who the deuce these people are but she’s taking the whole “hands on” parenting thing a bit too far.

  6. LockNLoad

    (had to google them)
    *shaking head* I got nothing.

  7. brother sister? Mother son? who? what? & ick.

  8. The crucifix really sets off the lady-like gap in her fake tits.

  9. She’s got my seal of approval.

  10. Lilac

    today is the day I officially felt old. I have no idea who these people are

  11. wuah

    lilly is the wife from tennis legend boris becker and noah is boris son ( her stepson)

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