1. Ben had them put in a Scientology port when she kept asking too many damn questions.

  2. CK

    Is that a Spaghetti-O ?

  3. Not Marvel

    Is that an old component video jack? She needs an upgrade to an HDMI plug.

  4. Turkey aint done…timer hasn’t popped.

  5. You’d think Affleck would have been a bit more discrete about his locator chip…

  6. Nonny Moose

    Looks like Ben put out a cigarette on her forehead.

  7. ThisWillHurt

    Bennifer Cam! WHen you can’t leave anything to chance!

  8. that’s a wormhole to the alternate universe where Jenifer garner doesn’t have the face of a mule.

  9. zomgbie

    wtf its not even centered.

  10. Fuck, Sauron has resurrected.

  11. it’s creepin me out man.

  12. “Psst…Jen, you got a..dude, you want some Abreva or something? No, don’t pick at it! Just grab one of Seraphina’s crayons and color it, Ben’s a freak, no one will ask.”

  13. “Why did they kick me out of the Indian restaurant?”

  14. tommy

    Ben: “hey babe, I totally can’t find where that condom got to after I headbutted you?”
    Jen: ” Don’t worry I’m sure it will turn up”

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