1. Toe Jam

    If I was a women, I would be doing this all the time. And I wouldn’t need a photo shoot.

  2. Venus boobytrap.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Hehe! It’s like Play Doe on my chest!”

  4. anonym

    juicy bags on a stick

  5. JC

    Twin powers, activate!

  6. lawn

    Make sure there’s one on each side, dear.

  7. “I don’t know, they FEEL real”

  8. wheres my hat?

    What was momma talking about, ain’t no money coming out of these ?

  9. ‘I am so happy Daddy bought me these! squeee!!’

  10. “Sorry tit fairy! I didn’t mean to crush you!”

  11. Two nice handfulls.

  12. skunk


  13. Fuck food, amiright?

  14. EZ-B

    I swear these people just make these names up, but this is getting ridiculous; ‘Behati Prinsloo’? Why doesn’t she just call herself ‘Chesty McWonderTits Von SqueezyBoobs’?

  15. Adam Levine’s latest victim.

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