1. “It happens every time, they all become blueberries.”

  2. anonymous

    I think she’s doing pregnancy wrong.

    Usually it’s the belly that gets bigger, not the ass.

  3. So she’s giving birth to a lesbian? Someone explain this science to me please…

  4. Wow. I must say, Anthony Hopkins looks absolutely AMAZING as Alfred Hitchcock!

  5. your mom

    I bet she’s stuffing her clothes for more attention… WHORE

  6. Nonny Moose

    Who shopped Kim’s head onto John Goodman’s body?

  7. It’s like they photoshopped her head on Chris Christie’s body.

  8. catapostrophe

    A fat-assed waiter out for a smoke break.

  9. Starring in the role of Octavio the Clown in the “Scarface” remake.

  10. Spartacus


  11. Less of a cow, and more like Danny Devito’s penguin?

  12. ThisWillHurt

    That’s not how stuffing your bra works, Kim.

  13. Cock Dr

    Love that classic Holstein style.


  15. popwilleatitself

    She is carrying low.

  16. sexyman48

    Here we have Kim wearing the Paula Poundstone collection.

  17. She went from Kim to Chloe to Rosie real quick.

  18. mrsbloodyface

    Bad choice of colors. Shamu called and he wants his look back.

  19. Bonky

    Six more months to go, Kanye must be terrified.

  20. She’s only about 45 days pregnant, right? She needs to lay off the deep-fried marshmallow fluff.

  21. So she thought, “Hey, maybe if I dress like a lesbian, I won’t look so big!” wtf? Bitch needs to own it and break out the mumus.

  22. BV

    I’m sure she’s only puffy from eating so Mexican. Or black dudes.

  23. She’s getting fat!

  24. Kane

    Fackin’ hog!!!!

  25. So the truth comes out. Pat was a chick! OR Jiminy Glick, give or take.

  26. mk

    chaz bono?

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