1. I’m guessing they call this “Junque Au Vin”

  2. Bah, that could be anybody’s chef.

  3. CK

    That meat looks good.

    (not gay at all.)

  4. Jimmy

    dickwiches again?

  5. Cock Dr

    Big blob of cream sauce on the meat….what a surprise.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    I’d get that checked. The testes look really red and seem to be oozing pus.

  7. JennywithaY

    I hate when phallic foods look delicious. I can never decide if they make me hungry or horny.

  8. mrsbloodyface

    Is that roast beef or hamster meat?

  9. Mike Walker

    Mmmmmm… bacon balls.

  10. I want to eat that right now.

  11. cc

    Doesn’t that just look twee

  12. Nobody

    California Cuisine

    San Francisco style!

  13. Is that a footlong?

  14. Hank E. Ring

    With that big slice of carbs/bread, I’m certain this meal was purged by many a star later that evening.

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