1. “I don’t always look gay or like a child molester but… Actually yeah I kinda always do…”

  2. He looks like someone made a Shrinky-Dink of Liam Neeson.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Is Ellen doing hormone replacement therapy?

  4. B&WMinstrel

    “Nothin I like more than suckin down a few que… beers. Beers! That’s it, a few beers!”

  5. 1. I love this guy. He’s so bad-ass and oddly hot.
    2. I call total BS on the story about him knocking up a female. Does that look like a guy who knocks up females???

  6. Oh God! Not another Pink Panther remake!

  7. mrsbloodyface

    God! He looks 10 yrs older every week.

  8. I can’t act and I ruined the Bourne franchise.

  9. Daniel Radcliffe has really gone down hill since the Harry Potter franchise ended.

  10. oldfool

    Rachel Maddow needs a shave.

  11. cc

    He looks French.

  12. I’d dig him if he were a lot taller…and liked vagina.

  13. Man’s a badass.

  14. The whole idea of this guy being an action star IS a bad idea. You could just hire any COSTCO manager and pay him 1/10 of what this guy makes and you would get the same product. Someone should lose their job because this guy is famous enough for me to know he exists. So lame. And another thing!!!!!! Just, lame.

  15. vgrly

    Charlie Chaplin.

  16. AnnaD.

    He has a very odd face.

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