1. Ohhh… so that’s why she calls the snake “Cumshot”

  2. She needs the venom to remain in human form. Otherwise, it’s back to the Smurf village–and the rapes, the endless, enless rapes.

  3. The snake was orphaned at a young age and had to be brought up with a role model so it can flourish…
    She keeps it with her bf’s dick…. It’s a win-win situation

  4. karlito

    she likes snakes on her face.

  5. Actually, that’s only a small piece of twine that she found laying on the ground, now if she can find a small stick, she can fashion a bow and arrows, and finally defeat the evil Gorn.

    • zomgbie

      No… no, do not kill the Gorn. Maybe they thought they were protecting themselves… when they attacked the outpost.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “Goodness, girl! Who did your eye-lashes last time! Imma make you look good, girlfriend!”

  7. So now she’s a snake handler? That means she’s an idiot and completely oblivious to all logic and reason. That means I could have a shot at her.
    now all of you just stfu and leave me to my delusions.

  8. WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK?!!! You’re not the invincible cheerleader for real idiot, get that off!

  9. mrsbloodyface

    I didn’t know Hayden and Kris Jenner were even friends.

  10. Hate Mongrel

    You’ll put you eye out kid.

    Actually the salmonella infection will make it just fall out.

  11. She can play with my trouser snake anytime.

  12. I would love to shine a black light on her face.

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