1. Dances with Kirks.

  2. Swearin

    In Costner’s case, “Need for Speed” indeed.

  3. dennis

    Chris: “Wait…you just made a movie about the Cleveland Browns landing the perfect #1 draft pick and you call my movies science fiction?”

  4. eatme

    i fucking hate chris pine douchebag

  5. JimBB

    “Come on, kissss me”

    “You’re drunk, Mr. Costner!”

    “Come onnn, jus once.”

  6. Wearing a ring on your pinkie is a tell tale sign that you’re an asshole.

  7. Clear As Day

    Yes, pinkie on your right hand means bottom.
    Pinkie on the left means your a topper.
    Evidently Chris likes it down and dirty.

  8. malaka

    can james van der beek close the deal?
    find out tonight at 11:00

  9. Come on Kev, think about it…Waterworld 2…with Jack’s brother Gill…the public will eat that shit up!

  10. Mike

    Damn, Jon Kent got fat when he died.

  11. “Don’tchoo fucking tell me I’VE had enough. You’ve had enough. Hear me. I’m fucking dances with fucking wolves, SHHhia LaBarf hahahahahahaha (hic).

  12. papastryfe

    Shit, Spock was right, the Vulcan neck-pinch really does work.

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