1. Swearin

    His Thetan ray just connected with that woman’s head.

  2. For all those “In every picture there’s a black guy telling it like it is” comments, I am glad we can finally see the opposite…

  3. meh

    I think you’ve officially crossed over to old man status when you start wearing comfortable running shoes with every outfit.

  4. Jade

    His Razzie nominations inspired his wardrobe.

  5. CK

    Oh, I hope those are Willow’s jammie bottoms he’s wearing and not Jayden’s.

  6. JimBB

    Fashion by Jaden

  7. “Two…I have two spoiled brats.”

  8. congrats on after erf and jaydens razzies.
    or in this case-
    Respondant Assimilate Zxclyo-Zymaphlytic Interglyxstemic Endroctysxatylitx.

  9. Scarf, pants, hmmm, not good for quelling those gay rumors.


    Looks like he’s been hanging out with the “Bieb” too much…

  11. Hiding Lohan

    Wow, Lindsey is really looking like shit these days…

  12. I see Will shed himself of about 90 pounds of useless fat…by leaving Jayden at home.

  13. dixonblonde

    For one shining moment, Natasha Lyonne finds someone who looks more fucked up than she does.

  14. Alrighty then…I certainly see where Jayden gets it.

  15. The ethos of contemporary black hipster fashion is to dress like a person with an unlimited budget and downs syndrome.

  16. PassingTrue

    “I make this look good” Well, not so much sparky.

  17. That bitch is getting laid toNIGHT! (Applicable to both people)

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