1. I bet she maid his day.

  2. Andrea

    Whoa, sometimes they make terminators out of spare parts from different models?

  3. Is that Lindsay Lohan working as a chauffeur!? Worst hiring decision ever!

  4. Writers-block

    I’ll get in the BAAAACCCKK.

  5. Frankie Muniz is looking tough!

  6. Is she Latina? If so, we know he tipped her extra.

  7. Seen here filming a new action movie with Tyne Daly.

  8. “How do you akspect to gives me zee blowjob if you’re riding in za front?”

  9. I think I speak for everyone when I say, “What. The. FUCK?!”

  10. John Conner has nothing to fear. It seems that terminators are easily distracted by latina maids.

  11. Schwarzenegger hires female coyotes to smuggle him into their underwear.

  12. “Mmmm zats right work zose triceps baby”

  13. PassingTrue

    Arnold produces the “It’s Pat” reboot.

  14. So he finally has his very own Igor now?

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