1. BEHOLD! And the Lord created the Ali Larter and said “This is good”.

  2. Bingo Bong

    fly vagina, FLY!!

  3. ultra

    i’m. a. big. kid. now. wheeee

  4. A. Larter

    “Yes, but can you queef while sticking the landing?”

  5. dennis

    I’m confused. She looks hot but she is standing the way my toddler used to when peeing.

  6. “Damnit, too long!”

  7. “Can you see my penis? Nope, good!”

  8. Swearin

    Oh bravo, like you’re the only person that can shove a gas hose through their privates and out their butt?

  9. Hey, gas jockey! You forgot to check under my hood with your dipstick! Full service, my ass!

  10. david(guest)

    kinda hot failed actress= kinda worthless air dancer

  11. Hugh G. Rection

    Push, Snooki. Don’t pull.

  12. My goodness miss Larter, where on Earth are your pants?

  13. Hugh G. Rection

    Oops. Wrong picture

  14. Where’s a heavy breeze when you need it?

  15. breathe, noonerhole, breathe!

  16. MarketingMike

    She’s waiting for me to come over, and fill her tank
    Hold still baby, I’ll be right there…

  17. If we did that while filling the tank, people would stare and shake their heads.

  18. Dirty Sanchez

    Free whiffs for everyone ..

  19. dixonblonde

    “Where’s my talent??? I got your talent right here! No seriously, you’re looking at the totality of my talent.”

  20. malaka

    don’t ever get pregnant…

  21. TooCoo

    Really? Arco Gas?

  22. Been sniffing the fumes again I see.


  24. PassingTrue

    Another unsuccessful “Passion of the Christ” audition.

  25. PassingTrue

    I used my Amex Platinum to buy a fish that was “this” big.

  26. chikaty

    Pretty sure shes wearing a long shirt, not a dress…#nopantsdance

  27. coljack

    Get over it, Ali. Hayden was the cheerleader. You were…everybody else.

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