1. Whoa… who stole her breats!?

  2. Swearin

    What the F is a hot, young blonde doing at a CBS panel? (Sit down, Cuoco, you’re crazy so you don’t count).

  3. The forced smile of a former model who thought she was going to make it in movies but got shoved in a CBS sitcom instead.

  4. She hit the wall, hard.

  5. waynemoores

    Wow…what a disappointment.

  6. SER

    Chandler Smile

  7. MarketingMike

    25 going on 45…
    Receding gums and droopy breasts.
    Every man’s wet dream…

  8. MIRV

    She makes Taylor Swift’s smiles (rare as they are, she usually sorta smirks) seem genuine in comparison. Still, if I were on CBS I wouldn’t be happy either.

  9. Whoever designed this shirt should be beaten with an aluminum baseball bat for hiding her “talents.”

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