1. Millions in the bank
    Hot escort…
    Nice yacht…
    And all a man wants to do is record a fart with his cell-phone…
    We are simple creatures…

  2. Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get it up!

  3. invisible dick

  4. Martina

    What’s her rate, $10,000 per night?

  5. Vlad

    Look, I can turn the lights on and off at my mansion on the moon all the way from here.

  6. “Hey sexy lady… Psy no gangnam style tonight…”

  7. Yeah, he is definitely gay and these women are all his beards. What straight man gets along with and goes on vacation with all his exes like that?

  8. Thank goodness it wasn’t Jon Hamm, or that would have been an upskirt.

  9. Misana

    Thought this was Eva Longoria.

  10. tlmck

    If I had his money, I could afford a woman with remote control also.

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