1. angerinside

    She looks like a Barbie Doll that would stick into wood if you threw it hard enough/

  2. “And here we have Nicky Minaj sporting a beautiful dress by Pilsbury’s Poppin’ Fresh. Doesn’t she look buttery?”

  3. Martina

    just awful, she has no excuse for this

  4. CK

    Why does she always look like I want to punch her in the face?

  5. I’m confused. She wears biker shorts, but I doubt she even knows how to ride a bike.

  6. Stay sexy, Nicki.

  7. sad thing is, i would take her body over that face

  8. tlmck

    If I had Simon Cowell’s money, I could pay to keep this woman’s picture’s from infecting the internet.

  9. Hey, beee-yotch? What the fuck are you so pissed off about?

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