1. Someone has a bit of the Captain in him.

  2. Don Draper's Dad

    so THAT’S how you personify pretentious. I’ve been wondering what that looks like.

  3. I bet his shoes are all scuffed up from wearing them so much. He is so casual.

  4. Vladimir

    Never knew 70′s GI Joe had a “dinner party” outfit? Check out the Kung-Fu Grip on that pink drink…

  5. “I had a little Captain in me last night. A day later, my ass still hurts.”

  6. American Psycho 2: The Hipster Douchebag Years

  7. Vlad

    I don’t always drink a glass of my own piss…

  8. Heywood Jablomie

    Dude looks like a Kliban cartoon character.

  9. Bizzare Threat

    “If you don’t take a picture of me I’ll burn the end of my dick with this candle.”

  10. I don’t really think I can beat the caption Fish already made, so let me just expand on it.

    “Schwartzman prepares for the controversial candle scene from ‘I Fart Huckabee’s.’”

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