Wow, I wonder if this guy is into himself?

  2. Juch

    Apparently, gayface is the people’s choice.

  3. Is this somebody?

  4. MRF

    You dun been fucked, y’hear.

  5. pssst…Ian….no people chose you.

  6. Vlad

    The patented Ian Ijustshatmyself look

  7. Skeezix

    “And the People’s Choice Award for “Enjoying One’s Own Flatus” goes to Ian Somerhaider!”

  8. This guy is all kinds of crooked.

  9. Is cross-eyed the new sexy?

  10. Looks like rapeface is the people’s choice.

  11. bigalkie

    Ian, try your best to give us the ” self satisfied, midget in make up look”.

  12. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    I thought Boone died…

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