1. stevebeagle

    and so it begins

  2. Nik

    dude I’m disturbed… Her back looks kinda manly…

  3. cc

    That’s the best they could do for a butt shot?

  4. lillaliket

    why does she look so sweaty? .. and asian?

  5. whiskeyafternoon

    so, from the side, with hair covering most of her face one almost doesn’t notice what an enormous noggin she has relative to the rest of her body.

  6. SSHGuru

    That is one VERY fine looking Asian woman!

  7. Deryn

    It’s probably wrong that out of all of this, I’m wondering what 1/38 means.

  8. OhYeahRight

    y’know there are ALOT of pictures of her actually topless on the internets….I’m just sayin’….

  9. If she were on the rag, I’d still bone her. That’s what that means, right?

  10. The Pope

    Mmmm, amputee-porn.

  11. Rag and Bone? Seems like Demi Moore would be the obvious face for the brand.

  12. lily

    gorgeous woman but they photoshopped out her curves and she has a man body here. yuck.

  13. Yesterday we got to see her in a pretty red dress with one beautiful leg exposed thru a slit down the side. Today it’s her lovely shirtless back. Keeping the trend going would mean tomorrow we should be able to see full noodal frontity…I mean full frontal nudity.

  14. xuc

    They managed to make Miranda Kerr look unsexy. Impressive!

  15. I’ll take two, please

  16. it had to be said

    I feel like “rag & bone” is redundant. Don’t they mean “bone & leave?”

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