1. Johnny P!

    That’s actually his real name. He had his old name legally changed to “Mystery Man” before agreeing to be seen out in public with her.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    When does she marry this gay dude?

  3. CranAppleSnapple

    Is she blind drunk in this picture?

  4. Do_Freebird

    I can guarantee that he was still a mystery when she sobered up this morning. As in “I wonder who spunked all over my hair last night?”

  5. rm

    that’s not really a man, it’s a side effect of her latest surgery.

  6. your mom

    Whoa, dude. No photos… I’m planning on drinking this night right out of my memory…

  7. The Superficial Presents:Tara Reid’s Flavor of the Week!

    This week’s flavor: ANDY GARCIA

  8. cc

    Does mystery man mean it’s mystery that he’s with her?

  9. The caption says she’s “with him”, but his eyes say “somebody help me”

  10. SIN

    All he said was ” I know where the party is” and Boom!! She is arm and arm with him.

  11. “No, no media yet. Let’s wait till we, uh, ‘get you your green card.’ “

  12. lil bit

    jellus hatrz.
    thats Tara’s new boyfriend.
    actor Michael Fastbenders.
    hes a big movie star.

    • PtC

      I’m not really sure if this is a serious post or a joke, so just in case it’s serious…

      1. Michael Fassbender (who has blue eyes). So…
      2. That’s not him.

  13. Swearin

    I hope it’s her AA sponsor

  14. What drug did she use on this poor sucker?

  15. SlippinX12

    She’s fucking Balki from Perfect Strangers? Heaged well

  16. Pippy Longcockings

    Wow, he’s much better looking than she is. He’s probably not an alcoholic.

  17. bethy

    What’s this bitch’s name again?

  18. It’s good to know she’s finding steady work as a full-time beard.

  19. jaded

    I think he’s a prop, glass eyes, frozen arm, he stands out front of clubs and washouts can pose with him after they pay the photographer

  20. mskitty

    CONFIRMED: Mystery man is actually stolen mannequin from Sears!

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