1. wait

    what’s with the 13 she always has on her hand? i thought she only wore it for concerts…

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    13x more annoying than usual.

  3. wow, how utterly mediocre this girl is. when is she gonna realize she needs to pull out them titties if she wants to remain relevant?

  4. Snack pack

    I actually like what’s going on in this pic.

  5. Venom

    Taylor Swift is secretly the head of the vicious gang MS13.

  6. whiskeyafternoon

    very bangable. i’m not sure why no one wants to be inside of that for more than 6 weeks in a row.

  7. 13….the number of times John Mayer prematurely ejaculated with her.

  8. that’s a lot of sagging for someone her age.

  9. One of the few chicks in show biz that doesn’t smell like booze, cigarettes and tattoo ink.

  10. CharmlessMan

    Hula Skirt Fail

  11. cc

    Every time she takes a shot at Kanye, she has to update that number so she knows how many are left in her clip. “Bang! Dammit! Okay, so that’s 4 out of 17, 13 left. Oh wait, did I have one in the chamber? No I didn’t.’ Writes 13 on hand.

  12. Admiral Hackbar

    I think 13 is the number of inches her boobs have drooped from their original position.

  13. What the hell rhymes with Ndamukong…

  14. 1913 called, they want their look back.

  15. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    13…..dat’s numberwang !!!!

  16. =0

    13 inches is what she likes inside??

  17. Mama Pinkus

    that gal looks just plain creepy, like some sort of alien

  18. jaded

    It’s your mom! No literally, it is your mom, circa 1954.

  19. squishy

    Put a bra on!!!!!!

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