1. Once you’re with JHO, the disgusting taste left in your mouth never goes away.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Interesting… I would’ve figured him for a swallower.

  3. Mike701

    Patiently waiting for George Micheal to come out of the restroom, Ben begins to think he may have missed something.

  4. MyCatsaJerk

    Keanu’s looking rough!

  5. whiskeyafternoon

    Sad Keanu is back! with semen!

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Wake up and smell your husband!!!

  7. Blonde

    That’s actually inbound. Quite the catcher.

  8. Now that’s fine control of shutter speed. Who says paps aren’t artists?

  9. cc

    Not seen…the agent who persuaded him to star in Gigli.

  10. JPC

    There’s your Pulitzer shot!

  11. What you’re not seeing – Matt Damon lying on the ground.

  12. Not pictured: All the spare change passersby gave him that day.

  13. Manson’s outta jail?

  14. Cat Lover

    What’s the big deal, my Turkish Angora cat coughs up hairballs all the time, too. Well, at least they aren’t as discussing as Ben’s.

  15. Pippy Longcockings

    He looks like a homeless 90s hipster right after the dot com bubble burst.

  16. bethy

    I think Criss Angel taught him this trick. FYI: He’s sucking IN.

  17. Raoul

    “Ugh! This new Smirnoff tastes like Amber Rose!!!”

  18. Heard later from Jennifer Garner-’I can’t believe I let you f@#k me’

  19. Don’t worry Ben, your acting ability leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

  20. Michelle

    Matt Damon just offer him a part?

  21. Haddo01

    I’ve spent the better half of my academic career trying to prove that Neanderthals could still exist.

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