1. Ohhhh, no thanks, those aren’t for me.

  2. Where’s Robin Thicke and his wife when you need them?

  3. YadaYada

    What is it about this guy that makes me want to punch him in his face?

  4. EricLR

    I think you meant to type Jared Leto.

  5. caley

    These girls are gonna be really disappointed when they realize he was never on ‘Friends’.

  6. donkeylicks

    Some very interesting line of sight going on here.

  7. In ever picture like this there’s a gay man’s beard saying it all with her eyes.

  8. “Sorry, ladies, but I only whip out my ‘Little Oscar’ on special occasions.”

  9. PathosAvenger

    Damn that recessive, John Voight gene…

  10. Afterwards, the girls were immediately beheaded for showing skin in a Muslim country.

  11. I was going to point out that he looks like that AND is constantly drowning in hot chicks, but I didn’t want to be responsible for the mass suicides.

  12. The more time passes, the more this guys career path makes him the white Cuba Gooding Jr. Seriously, how long until the two of them appear in, “Snow Dogs 2: Electric Bugaloo”?

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