1. Her tailor deserves an award.

  2. Shaka

    “Do you think these different colored nails will be a bit too much?”

  3. caley

    Not seen: Mercdes-Benz, parked behind her ass.

  4. I want that gold plated PSP.

  5. mavis davis

    Why no Nicki. That outfit doesn’t make your ass look like a giant clam at all.

  6. martina

    Is the HazMat Team ever going to respond?

  7. heey

    and when she takes selfies, her ass is never that big…

  8. heey

    ..and also she is white, in her selfies


  10. What a fucking mess.

  11. That’s a shame.

    To think of all the 70s bachelor pad furniture that had to die to make that outfit…>>sniff

  12. Spleen

    Does this ass make my pants look small?

  13. some black dude

    ass looks like a garbage bag full of wet towels. not a nice ass at all. I’ll take AnnaSophia’s instead

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