1. She insists on making me hate her more and more each day.

  2. EricLR

    Once again, I’m pretty sure she’s just wearing larger versions of kid’s clothes still.

  3. I have the strangest boner. Heh. Look, he seems shocked, too.

  4. She’s cute. I haven’t seen her with an open mouth smile in a long time. I bet she still has messed up teeth.

  5. She looks like she would stab you during sex. I am not sure if that is a deterrent or not though.

  6. The Pope

    The more that I look at this, the more convinced I am that it’s really someone wearing a Dakota Fanning mask and shoulders.

  7. Cock Dr

    Um…just what exactly is she doing under that dress with her deeply pocketed hands? And why have none of the site’s regular perverts been all over that like white on rice?

  8. “When you’re famous, there are commitments you just, like, have to attend, right? Sometimes you don’t even get to finish that week-long crab infestation treatment. In those cases, a trusty taylor will make miracles.”

  9. pleasure pockets–nice feature!

  10. “Uh…. Miss Fanning? The premier was LAST night. Can we call you a cab?”

  11. papastryfe

    WOAH! Fresh batteries in my vibe underwear DO make a difference!

  12. She looks like she’s playing pocket pool and just found the clitoris.

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