1. Even the cleavage and the shiny material is failing to distract me at this point.

  2. kravdan

    Please don’t stare at my giant boobs that I have on display for all to see. It’s so disrespectful to me, that you stare at these massive meat balloons on my chest, right here…

  3. Ebert's Jaw

    “What did you say about Kate Winslet???”

  4. her boobs look like lima beans.

    • crb

      Agreed. -Or Eggplants.

      What kind of weird sack-truss has she got on that pushes the tops all the way to her collar-bones, but the outside-bottom is all the way out near her elbows?

  5. EricLR

    Red shouldn’t wear red, sweetie.

  6. Bonky

    Sorry Christina, but not even the boobs can save you this time. Fashion fail.

  7. Ugly dress. Great body.

  8. hideous dress, but I guess it can’t be easy to cover up whatever contraption is pushing her tits to the sky.

  9. “I am not programmed to respond in that area.”

  10. Man, she’s got so much titty she can fill out her top twice.

  11. heey

    Good Lord they make cleavage implants now!!!?
    There is absolutely no way real boobs can be squished that way. You see her real boobs are the round things sagging down a bit, and her implants are the square things making a boob impression in her cleavage.
    Does she not realize this looks HORRENDOUS.!?

  12. She has her own zip code now.

  13. C’mon, Fish – if I wanted to look at fat old pale women, I’d go to Boca Raton, not this site!

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