1. If I cried that much I would just stop wearing mascara.

  2. How are things going if you’re the chick that has to be part of Courtney Love’s entourage?

  3. kravdan

    Man Ozzy’s looking pretty rough these days…

  4. Dr. Phil

    You can smell the urine from here.

  5. caley

    ‘V Magazine: The V is for Vagrancy’

  6. It must have been quite a party. More like a wake.

  7. Just die already!

  8. I can’t believe the heroin hasn’t killed her yet! Not that she looks alive….

  9. “Do make me over”

  10. gnarla

    I’ve been wasting my time waiting around for The Walking Dead to start. The zombie apocalypse is already here. Lemme grab my shotgun.

  11. Hmmmmmmm…must be a casting call for “The People VS. Larry Flynt 2.”

  12. If you like good science fiction, check out her photo on her!

  13. That’s more like it.

  14. meeps!

    Welcome to my nightmare, indeed…

  15. crb

    Hello world, here’s a song that we’re singin’
    Come on, get happy
    A whole lotta lovin’ is what we’ll be bringin’
    We’ll make you happy

  16. Caption same as always: “Brraaaiinns!

  17. Why is she walking? Did someone hide her broom?

  18. Motorboat Captain

    Remove the head or destroy the br… as I was saying, remove the head.

  19. Ladypants

    I can’t tell if she deserves a compliment for looking way younger, like Ke$ha, or if Ke$ha should feel terrible because she looks like Courtney Love. Either way ends in me stabbing my eyes out.

  20. Either she’s a midget or her ladyfriend is a giant or something’s fucked up with the field depth at floor level. Perspective doesn’t work, it’s making my brain hurt. Or maybe it’s just her who’s doing that.

  21. martina

    She forgot how to O.D.?

  22. Eyebrows or a brown Sharpie?

  23. cc

    Waterboarding is in at NYC parties this year.

  24. The Britney Spears ‘before’ shot.

  25. Nice boogerwipe stains on the dress.

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