1. I don’t know…looks like she’s hiding from him to me.

  2. blerg

    If he tries to cut you in half, just run.

  3. She’s just spying to be sure he’s not writing any songs about her, while she’s writing songs about him.

  4. EricLR

    She’s got a lot more to be disappointed about than any of those other concert-goers. All *they* wasted was $80 and a couple of hours.

  5. She’s got the best stalker seat in the house.

  6. “Is this what a real musician looks like?”

  7. boxlunch


  8. Cock Dr

    This might explain why the man looks so worn out.

  9. crb

    “WTF are all those -things, people are hitting and twiddling? Real music is made with microphones and dancers, dammit!”

  10. A few seconds later, she had successfully gnawed through her leg and was free!

  11. cc

    Oh jeez, what if he calls me up for a duet…there isn’t an autotune machine in sight! I’ll just hide behind this magical sound box.

  12. PathosAvenger

    …so much for that “roar” thing, eh?

  13. Martina

    She needs to strap it on and do John a little bit more.

  14. Hmmph, more like a whimper.

  15. heey

    So how did he convince her, he was more relevant and important than her? He would not do that for her, lurk around as a sidekick. She pick dumb f*cks for boyfriends and lets them f her up.

  16. “This is the last time I buy Taylor Swift’s seat.”

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